The throat is a mucosal and muscular tube that begins behind the nose and leads down to where the esophagus and windpipe (trachea) separate food and air from each other. The throat contains the pharynx and larynx and is critical for eating, breathing, and communication. Throat discomfort can occur from dryness, infection, acid reflux, foreign body ingestion, and cancer, to name a few. When throat pain or discomfort cause inability to eat, voice changes, or breathing problems, an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist can help determine the cause of the symptoms and offer treatment. Dr. Magill is board certified in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery and can evaluate the throat when it is causing functional problems. It is essential to address any problems with the throat that restrict breathing or cause difficulty eating. Dr. Magill treats children and adults for throat concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is laryngeal pharyngeal reflux?
Laryngeal pharyngeal reflux (LPR) occurs when the contents of the esophagus and stomach make contact with the back of the larynx and create an acidic burn or discomfort. LPR can be from the types of food that are eaten and other lifestyle choices. It can also be from structural problems in the esophagus and upper stomach. Dr. Magill can help to diagnose and treat laryngeal pharyngeal reflux and work with your primary care provider to maintain improvements.
How do I know if I have throat cancer?
Throat cancer can cause bleeding from the mouth, coughing, throat pain, hoarseness, voice changes, difficulty breathing, eating problems, and weight loss. Throat cancer can be related to tobacco use, viral exposure, or other expoures. Dr. Magill is expertly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of pharyngeal and laryngeal cancers.
What is making my voice hoarse?
The most common cause of a hoarse voice can be mucosal dryness or viral infection (laryngitis). Vocal cord nodules, changes in vocal cord shape, vocal cord polyps, and laryngeal cysts can also cause hoarseness that does not go away. Cancers of the larynx can cause hoarseness. Dr. Magill evaluates the structure and appearance of the larynx for patients with hoarseness to diagnose problems and offer treatment when indicated.

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